Metzger Builders – Christchurch – Supreme Winners of the National 2022 House of the Year

Here’s what Mark Metzger, Managing Director of Metzger Builders Ltd says about TuffPlans®

“We have been engaging TuffPlans® for all our contracts since the company’s conception many years ago now.

The benfits of having weatherproof Tyvek® plans on site for our team clearly speaks for itself in huge volumes.

The process is seamless with a complete digital system and a turn-around couriered delivery to our site within 24 to 48 hours. Very price competitive and a reliable company to deal with and will endeavour to support TuffPlans® well into the future.

The Name speaks for itself!!!”

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Waterproof your Plans!

Some of the NZ’s biggest house builders and construction companies use Tuffplans printed on Tyvek®, as they can print once and have the construction plans last for the whole job. The construction staff and subbies love them because they don’t fall apart and can be washed off with water. The architects and project managers love them, because their drawings can last for the whole job without having to be redrawn.

Have a look at this video on YouTube which very clearly shows the differences between TuffPlans on Tyvek® and Plain Paper Plans


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