About Us

TuffPlans are specialists in printing on Tyvek®.

For more than three years we have been providing the NZ building industry with project plans that are: Waterproof, Tear Proof, Resistant to most Solvents, Colourfast, UV Resistant, Can be rolled & folded, Can be written on by almost any writing instrument, don’t need laminating [unlike plain paper plans which they replace], are cost effective and will last the life of almost any project.


But we are not just plans printers, we print a wide range of other products on Tyvek, all with the common features of our plans: Waterproof, Tearproof, Colourfast, Can be Rolled & Folded without affecting the image.

  • Custom Hunting Maps for a client in Sweden
  • Custom Trail Maps for an adventure business in Nelson NZ
  • Builders Signs for a Builders in the USA