There are a range of companies that we do business with in New Zealand and across the Globe.
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TuffPlans [and our previous company] have had a very successful relationship with Carters Building Supplies for some years. All Carters Manufacturing plants ship to building sites their Frame & Truss components accompanied by three or more sheets of TuffPlans so that the builder can accurately erect the structure.

All Carters stores have the ability to take your PDF’s [and plan hard copies] so that they can be printed as sets of TuffPlans.

If your Carters Trade Rep is unsure of the process to get PDF’s to TuffPlans for printing tell them that all the information is on the Carters IntraNET.


PlaceMakers are acknowledged as one of the most progressive, responsive and customer focused builders merchants in New Zealand.

All PlaceMakers stores are able to provide TuffPlans to their clients although the following stores are the most active in promoting the TuffPlans products: North Island: Mt Wellington, Pukekohe and Te Rapa. South Island: Cranford Street, Riccarton & Hornby [all in Christchurch]

If your favourite Placemakers Store does not have current information on TuffPlans or our plan printing service please ask them to call us on 0800 737 764