Plans are our business!

TuffPlans® last and last on building & project sites, they’re the plans that are not only waterproof, they can’t be torn, the high-resolution image is bonded to the sheet [unlike the standard inks used by most plan printers], they are unaffected by most solvents such as petrol & diesel.

What’s more they are cheaper than Laminated Plain Paper plans that they replace!

The Process is Easy

  • Click on the upload button below.
  • We convert your plans to TuffPlans®
  • Courier Post will deliver your TuffPlans® the next **morning wherever you are in New Zealand.

**We need your PDF by 2pm to have your job on  Courier that evening

Contact us for Pricing

Plans on Plain Paper

We also print plans on plain paper at very competitive prices, call for a Quotation.


We suggest that all TuffPlans® sets of Plans of more than 10 sheets are bound together. Not only does this hold all pages in the set firmly together they look great!

Features are:

  • We add 15mm extra width to the left edge of each sheet so that the binding does not encroach on the pages image.
  • Heavy Duty Staples along left side, pages will not fall out with use.
  • Special Cloth Binding Tape covers staples.
  • Job Name and Address shown.
  • Customer’s Logo can be shown.
  • Suggest that no more than 60-70 sheets are bound in one set.
  • Many customers break Job into Architectural & Structural/Engineering sets.

A3  $14.38 per bound set
A2  $18.13 per bound set
A1  $21.56.00 per bound set
A0  $21.56 per bound set

NOTE: Pricing above is for Binding only!